Wednesday, 1 May 2013


To All Investor Members,

Credit Fund Withdrawal

Starting From 30th April 2013 Cybertrustfx gladly to announce that all members investor already can make their credit fund withdrawal by filling up the withdrawal form inside their member dashboard.

Before submitting your credit fund withdrawal you must email to us photocopy scan of your government ID and others requirement document requested for account verification at . All your data based information will be securely keeping under our A.S.D.G monitoring system to detect any unmatch data provided by members before the approval report release by our account department .

REMINDER: Any Unmatch filling data will be rejected by our system automatically, please fill up your data profile properly.

Term And Condition,

Date Of Credit Fund Withdrawal: Based on YourCountry G.M.T.

On 15 date of every month

On 30 date of every month (monthly closing date)

All member have 1 day to make credit withdrawal, After that day mention, our A.S.D.G system will be automatically lock and all member investor have to wait for the next payment date for withdrawal.

International Payment method

Minimum Withdrawal USD200 Charges fee USD25, minimum credit account balance must not less than USD225 for withdrawal. The credit withdrawal fund will take about 3-5 business day process.

Local Payment Method

Minimum withdrawal USD200 charges fee USD15, minimum credit account balance must not less than USD215 for withdrawal. The credit withdrawal fund will take about 1-3 business days for process.

Any inquiry message, don’t hesitate to send us an email to our

Cyber Trust Fund Corporation

Worlds Leading Fx Management Trade System.

Thank You

Best Regard

Head of Management Cybertrustfx


  1. Sy withdraw dekat 10hari.. xdpt lagi duit

  2. Supeeerrr !!!
    Faster way to be RICH :)

  3. BEWAREEE!!!!ni smua broker maya shj..x de sape2 yg handle urusan withdrawal..dia org create sistem pastu org join sbb tertatik dgn bonus ROI yg d tawarkan..sbb kita tgk mkn byk plk sykt yg buat mcm ni bermula dgn vgmc,rgcx,wgw dll dan cuba ty brape ramai dh geng2 kt sana dh bealih arah kjr benda sape yg utg kt sini..fikir2 kan lah..

  4. salam mcm mana nak withdrawal balance kene tinggal usd 225 ke..kena emel kn salinan ic ke boleh bg contoh x kt sy bls kt emel sy mlabur pd 15 hb 7 2013 usd 1000(rm3500)

  5. how cybertrustfx withdrawal, somebody who can tell me? help~!!